In the year 20XX, the world was afflicted by a pandemic, which led to the great Corona Wars. Society was in shambles, and humanity had to reinvent themselves to survive.

Scientists rushed to construct robots, and to advance artificial intelligence. Thus, humans now had mechanical helpers to aid them, which are immune to the virus. Society began to prosper again. But all that was about to change, again... 

An evil villain, named Hackerman, corrupted those robots to do his biding. The robots went rogue, and started to attack their creators and masters. Even then, amidst the chaos, hope is not lost...

Half man, half machine, Hyperman was immune to this attack. He's now the only one left with the means to face this treat and bring peace again to the world.


Movement - Arrow keys
Jump - Z
Shoot - X (Not implemented yet!)

It works with gamepads as well.


This is just a prototype, developed for the GameDev.js Jam 2020.
The theme was future, so we couldn't resist creating something inspired by Megaman.

Shoutouts to Aseprite and Pixelbox.js! 

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AuthorCantarim Studios
Tags1bit, gamedevjs, megaman, Pixel Art, pixelboxjs, Prototype


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Even if shooting is not implemented … am I supposed to make it past the level with the lever?

I think, it would have fit the graphics and sound better if jumping wasn’t that smooth.

@Ryuno-Ki, thank you for playing!

It’s still a prototype, in the most absolute very early stage of development. We are still working on the first level design.

Nice feedback about the jumping, we’ll look into it!